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“The risk of defaulting is real. I would expect Gulf neighbours to weigh in again before that, as it is not in the regional interest for Egypt to suffer instability.”

Alice Gower on Egypt’s debt crisis, Haaretz, September 6, 2022 

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“Neither the Saudis or the Emiratis will make sudden movements which could undermine the stability of OPEC and risk sharpening the inclines and declines of oil price volatility.”

Neil Quilliam, Chatham House Expert Comment, March 31, 2022

Egypt National bank
“The Saudi-Emirati relationship has come under significant strain over the past 18 months […] but Yemen remains the overriding issue that separates the two countries.”

Alice Gower and Neil Quilliam on UAE and KSA objectives in Yemen, Near East Policy Forum, November 16, 2021

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“I do not expect there will be a rush to offer more shares […] but a sustained upswing in oil prices and a pick-up in global demand will certainly be considered more conducive to another IPO.”

Neil Quilliam on Aramco’s role in financing economic diversification, S&P Global, February 16, 2021

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“There has always been a sense that PIF is trying to play catch-up with regional peers but wants to fast-track the kind of returns that investments by sovereign funds of Abu Dhabi or Kuwait, and even Qatar, have generated over many years.”

Rachna Uppal on the growing role of the Gulf SWFs, Reuters, November 17, 2020

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